15 Gift Ideas For a Pool & Spa Owner In Your Life

You’ve been to multiple stores and read a few gift guides, but you still can’t find the right gift for the pool or spa owner on your gift list.

You don’t want your gift to wind up in the “regift” pile or sit around collecting dust. Fortunately, there are a lot of fantastic gift options that pool and hot tub owners will be thrilled to receive.

Here are some of the top gift ideas for anyone you know with a pool or spa.

1. Hot Tub Steps

Do you know a hot tub owner with limited mobility or have a friend who struggles to get into a hot tub using steps with a traditional design?

Upgrade their spa experience with a set of steps that make it safer for them to get in and out of their hot tub. This accessory makes it easier and more convenient for them to use their spa.

Steps with an anti-slip grip or double railings ensure they have the support they need to use their hot tub.

Another solution is to gift them with rails that they can add to their hot tub; these rails function as a grab bar so that they can safely get up and sit down.

Or, if your gift recipient is short on space, consider hot tub steps with a storage area. This storage area is the perfect spot to store towels, robes, or other spa essentials.

2. Hot Tub Cover Lift

Many hot tub owners struggle to remove their hot tub cover when they’re using their spa by themselves.

Or, when they’re feeling relaxed and cozy after using their spa, the last thing they want to do is heft the heavy, bulky cover back onto the hot tub.

A hot tub cover lift reduces the strain of lifting a hot tub cover while working to protect the cover. Over time, a cover that’s consistently dropped on the ground can incur wear and tear.

The lift moves the cover using hydraulic lifts and holds the cover in place. It’s even possible to position the cover in an upright position using the lift for additional privacy.

Installation for a hot tub lift cover is a simple process that involves mounting a few brackets

3. Pool Safety Cover

A pool safety cover is a fantastic upgrade for anyone with a pool. The material prevents kids, animals, and non-swimmers from accidentally falling into the pool.

It’s easy to put on, and it prevents UV rays from hitting your pool water.

Even though the material is strong, it’s also lightweight and durable. The mesh construction allows water to drain away while keeping dirt, debris, and leaves out of your pool.

4. Thermometer

While pool owners depend on a thermometer to monitor their pool’s water temperature, this doesn’t mean that the thermometer has to be boring.

A thermometer with an adorable animal, like a penguin thermometer or shark thermometer, adds a whimsical touch to the pool. The large display makes it easy to read the water temperature.

5. Bottle Chiller

Anyone with a swim spa knows that proper hydration is essential for recovering from their water exercise. A bottle chiller is an excellent gift to help them stay hydrated.

The bottle chiller will ensure that their water or beverage remains cool and refreshing for hours. A bottle chiller with a slip-proof coating will stay securely in their hand when they’re grabbing a drink.

6. Floating Lights

Floating lights are a fun way to add instant ambiance to a pool or hot tub. With a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s easy to find a set the pool or hot tub owner on your gift list will love.

Both battery-powered and rechargeable lights are available. Both options offer hours of illumination.

Many products have a feature that allows you to customize the color of the lights, or you can select a mode that rotates through a selection of festive light colors.

7. Towel Warmer

Any pool or hot tub owner knows that getting out of the water at the end of the session can be a chilly experience, especially during the frigid winter months.

Make sure that they remain toasty and warm, even when the temperature says otherwise, with a towel warmer.

They can set their towel warmer up in a covered area near their pool or hot tub, or, since most units are portable, they can take it back inside when they’re done.

You can choose from a warmer with a rack design, or you might select a bucket-style design. Both options can warm multiple towels at once.

8. Fire Pit

A fire pit is a lovely addition for any pool owner’s outside space. The soft flame is perfect for creating a cozy, inviting space.

When they need a break from swimming, a fire pit adds a little warmth to their seating area. Or, if they want a quick snack, they can roast marshmallows for s’mores.

9. Waterproof Playing Cards

A set of waterproof playing cards makes for an excellent stocking stuffer. The pool or hot tub is a fantastic spot for family entertainment.

With waterproof playing cards, the players won’t have to worry about accidentally getting the cards wet. When they’re done, they can store the cards in the included case.

You can stick with a deck of traditional cards, or you can select a specific card game, like Uno or Skip-Bo.

10. Towel Cabana or Towel Rack

A pool owner knows that even when there are only a few people swimming, it seems like towels are always in short supply.

Make sure that they have all the towels they need for their pool parties or swim sessions with a towel cabana. They can store the towel cabana outside in their pool space.

A covering helps keep the towels dry from pool splashes or a rainstorm. Many towel cabanas have a space to store dirty towels and a rack to hang towels that need to dry.

Or, if you think they prefer to store their towels inside, a towel rack provides a spot for them to hang a few extra towels for any guests that might need one.

11. Table with a Cooler

When relaxing in the hot tub, it’s disruptive to interrupt your session to grab a drink or snack. A deck table that incorporates a cooler into the design is a must-have piece for any hot tub owner.

They can use ice or icepacks in the cooler portion to keep their food and beverages chilled. Once they’re done using the cooler for the evening, they can drain any remaining water and ice by pulling the drain plug.

The cooler portion also works well to house their mobile devices or hot tub accessories. Or, they can lower the table top and use it solely as a table.

12. Floating Speakers

A set of floating speakers allows pool and hot tub owners to hear the audio from their music or TV show from anywhere in the pool or hot tub.

Floating speakers are waterproof and often include controls that let you control the volume, stop the music, or skip a song directly from the speaker.

They connect to a tablet or mobile device via Bluetooth. You can often connect more than one speaker for a louder sound or if you want to spread the sound out.

Some speakers also incorporate lights into the design for an extra fun touch.

13. Water Sports Set

A water volleyball set is a fun gift to encourage a little friendly competition. The net attaches to a floating platform; when they’re done playing, they can pick the entire unit up to store until they’re ready for their next game.

If volleyball isn’t their preferred game, a floating basketball net is another great option.

14. Floating Snack Bar

A floating snack bar is a perfect gift for a friend who loves to graze or sample different beverages during their hot tub or pool time.

Some snack bars are inflatable, while others are constructed from floating foam. Many incorporate drink holders and sections to hold cups, plates, and any other necessities

15. Umbrella or Canopy

A hot tub or pool that’s positioned directly in the sun gets hot during the warm summer months. Make it easy for your friend to add shade to their aquatic space with an umbrella or canopy.

They can move an umbrella or canopy so that it supplies ample shade where they need it. Some pieces incorporate lighting into the design, making them a festive addition when they want shelter during a rainy night.

Holiday Shopping with Jacuzzi Charlotte

Don’t let holiday shopping make your holiday season overly stressful. When shopping for a friend or family member with a hot tub or pool, there are a ton of great gift alternatives.

Have more questions about what items are best for your aquatic-minded recipients?

Contact Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Charlotte today with all your aquatic questions.

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