Buying a Pool Table – 5 Things to Know Before Choosing Yours

If you’ve been considering investing in a pool table, now is a perfect time!

As the weather begins cooling off, festivities are beginning to move inside, into more cozy, intimate settings.

A pool table in your home game room can be a great way to add some extra excitement and make lasting memories all season long.

Hosting will never be the same again!

Before you pick out your perfect pool table, there are some things you should consider first, such as the aesthetic you want to create and the functionality of your table!

In this article, we’ll break down the five things you should know before buying. By the end of it, you can feel confident your pool table will match all your needs!

5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Pool Table

When you choose a pool table, you want to ensure it’s a timeless addition to your space, and when you pick the right one, it’ll elevate your game room and leave guests in awe!

To help you find the one that is perfect for your home, here are our top five things to consider before you decide.

1. Style

When you think of a pool table, you may instantly envision the classic, grand-style table with carved wooden legs and deep-set leather pockets.

Over the years, pool tables have come a long way, and there has been a wave of modern versions that have enhanced the classic style.

Pool tables generally come in two distinct styles, and choosing one will ultimately come down to the aesthetic you’re aiming for in your game room.

Classic or modern.

Let’s explore what makes each one unique!


Classic table styles, like our Triumph® 7.5’ Santa Fe are bold tables that become a statement piece to any room.

Their grand, heavy set and timeless style make them a desirable option for many. With thick wood and elegantly carved legs, they’re a heavy set table that stands the test of time.

These tables will almost always have the traditional exposed pockets made of thick leather with diamond cutouts, exposing your successfully sunk balls throughout the game. The leather of the pockets is often synthetic, making them both cruelty-free and visually appealing!

These tables usually require some assembly. Due to their heavy wood build, they aren’t a table you would want to move around too often, so choosing where to place them is an imperative step!


Modern tables make a great addition to any room with a chic, clean aesthetic. With sharp lines and a casino-esque look, they can amplify your space to make it look like a professional tournament room.

Much like the Mizerak® 8’ Donovan II Billiard Table, these modern tables have a deep set tabletop and closed-off pockets, usually with a bold color contrast for added appeal. This not only gives them a contemporary style but also makes them a clean, flawless addition to your game room.

Additionally, these modern tables have pedestal-style legs that provide added stability and give the table a seamless appearance from top to bottom.

These tables are generally made out of lighter material, making them easier to move and adding a “portability” aspect to them.

If your game room is more ultra-modern or has a natural industrial aesthetic, The Abbey HJ Scott Billiard Table will feel like it was made for you. This table has been designed to have a unique style that adds a showstopping appeal to any space!

2. Functionality

An important aspect of the pool table you choose will be its functionality and its ability to adapt to your needs.

Did you know that some pool tables are also designed for other games?

These tables offer multiple options, keeping your family and guests entertained long after the 8-ball is sunk!

If you have other game tables in your room already, then you may want a table that is simply a pool table. In that case, your choices are endless!

However, if you’re looking for something multifaceted that can give your family options, finding a table that’s more than just a pool table is essential!

If that’s the case, a pool table like the Triumph® PheonicTM Billiards Table would be a powerful solution for your game room needs. This table combines your classic game of pool with the option to switch to table tennis as well!

This table comes with a secondary conversion top that’s easy to add and protects the fabric of your tabletop, as well as the rails by sitting on top of the ledge of the table.

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about buying the tennis top separately! When you purchase this table from Jacuzzi Charlotte, it includes all the accessories you need for a challenging game of pool or a family-friendly tennis match.

3. Pool Table Size

Not all pool tables are the same, and one of the most important things to consider when choosing your table is its size!

All our tables vary in length, ranging between 7-8 feet. While one foot may not seem like a lot, depending on the size of your space, that one foot can make a big difference in how it feels and looks in your game room.

If you have a smaller space, buying an eight-foot pool table may not be the best option and could leave your room feeling cramped and crowded. This not only changes its appeal but also makes it more difficult to use as an entertainment space when you’re hosting events!

Before choosing your table, measure the space available in your game room to ensure you have the room to easily fit the model you want.

4. Tabletop Material

The fabric on your pool tabletop will usually be one of two materials.

Blended wool or nylon cloth.

Each one of these fabrics will have its own strengths, and which one you choose will be based on how you’ll be using your table.

Blended Wool

Blended wool is a thick natural fiber, making it more durable than other materials, and is one of the most popular pool table cloths. When well cared for, wool will shed very little, giving it a longer lifespan than nylon.

Because of its high durability, this style of tabletop is a great option if you have kids that’ll be working on perfecting their shot! This also makes it a popular choice for pool tables in pubs or pool halls.

Additionally, blended wool tabletops offer bold color choices, ranging from classic green or beige to vibrant red!

As for play style, wool provides a slow and smooth experience, making each shot predictable as the ball glides across the table with each shot.

Nylon Cloth

This classic green material is lightweight and is often referred to as “speed cloth” because of its smooth surface that minimizes the friction on the ball as it rolls across the table.

Due to its exceptionally smooth surface, this cloth makes for an exciting, fast game. Each hit will have your ball zooming across the table with impressive accuracy.

Nylon cloth is durable, however it often wears down faster than wool blends due to its lighter style.

If you’re using this cloth, it’s essential to pay close attention to it over time and replace it as soon as it shows signs of thinning. The last thing you want is nicking the bed under the cloth!

5. Durability

As mentioned above, the material of your table’s cloth is an important aspect to consider when it comes to the durability of your table. However, that’s not the only part of your table that needs to withstand regular wear and tear!

Whether you have kids that may be tough on the table as they play, or you enjoy hosting intense tournaments with your closest friends, your table will need to be durable!

What your table is made of will play a big part in this. Tables can be made out of various materials, including:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Laminate
  • Slate
  • MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

Some of these materials will be on the outside of your pool table, like wood and laminate, while others, like the MDF and slate, will serve as the bed for your tabletop.

When it comes to your tabletop, slate provides a much stronger base that provides pristine ball rolls. However, MDF is the standard in many tables due to its lightweight durability and cost.

When it comes to the outside of your table or the cabinet, you’ll usually decide between wood and laminate.

While wood offers a classical style, the type of wood used for your model will have a significant impact on its strength.

Wood offers a durable surface, however, can pose a challenge when being cleaned, especially if they’ve been carved or embossed. Dust and grime can gather in these small indents throughout the wood and may be difficult to wipe away.

For this reason, wood pool tables are best suited for people with older kids or who have a game room that caters to adults.

Laminate, however, is much easier to clean due to its smooth surface and is made using lightweight, durable materials. This makes them an ideal family-friendly option, ensuring they can withstand rough play and can be cleaned with a simple wipe!

Shop Billiard and Pool Tables At Jacuzzi Charlotte

If you’ve been looking for the perfect billiard or pool table to add to your home game room, Jacuzzi Charlotte is sure to have the model of your dreams.

With various styles and brands, our showroom is stocked with awe-inspiring tables that will easily make your game room a favorite among your friends and family.

Whether you’re creating the ideal space to host exciting parties or want to bring active entertainment home to your kids, there’s a table for you!

Visit our Charlotte, NC showroom for all your home leisure essentials, or contact us to learn more!

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