8 Ultimate Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs – How Hot Tubs Can Help You

Did you know that hot tubs can help improve the quality of your life? 

It’s true!

Hot tubs have been shown to have several health benefits when used regularly, ranging from pain relief to weight loss!

Adding a new hot tub to your backyard, and creating your own personal escape from the world, may be exactly what you need. 

In today’s day and age, we’re surrounded by stressors. We have busy lives and schedules filled to the brim. Whether your job has heavy demands or your kids have a long list of extracurriculars, you’re likely exhausted by the end of each day and can never seem to really recoup that energy. 

A quality hot tub may be the solution you’re looking for. Read on to discover how a hot tub can help you!

8 Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs have been the focus of many studies and have been proven to have profound benefits. 

People use hot tubs for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re looking for a way to add some extra relaxation to your day or you’re hoping for a way to manage chronic pain, soaking in a warm hot tub can help. 

Here are the top eight health benefits of hot tubs

1. Better Sleep

One clinical study done on women who suffered from insomnia discovered that participants who warmed their bodies in hot water before bed had a deeper sleep with fewer interruptions throughout the night.

As you enjoy a relaxing hydrotherapy session within your hot tub,  the exposure to heat can result in temperature fluctuations. This safe and natural experience can signal your body that it’s time to sleep! 

The cycle of warming and cooling of the body helps people fall asleep faster and remain asleep longer. 

By combining this warming with the effects of hydromassage from the jets, you can relax your muscles, reducing the tension your body is holding and allowing it to rest more fully throughout the night. This also helps your body redirect its energy to repair and support your system during the night more effectively because your tense muscles are no longer demanding your energy levels. 

Relaxing under the warm water before bed doesn’t only relax your muscles. It also helps your mental state, calming your mind and helping you let go of the wandering thoughts. For many people, this helps them combat racing thoughts and allows them to fall asleep more easily.

2. Pain Relief & Pain Management

Hot tubs combine hydrotherapy and hydromassage, helping minimize pain and provide lasting relief for people who suffer from chronic pain. 

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic technique that uses water to help support and heal the body. While this can be done with any temperature water, it often is done with warm water. Hot tubs have maximized the effects of hydrotherapy by using jets to move the water while you soak and providing the option for a therapeutic massage, adding yet another layer of healing and relief. 

Hydrotherapy has been shown to have positive effects on conditions such as arthritis, chronic lower back pain, and even fibromyalgia. The buoyancy of the water helps relieve the pressure on sore joints, allowing them to rest and move more easily, while the warm water helps reduce the inflammation.

3. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Stress can create a host of other problems if left unmanaged, such as chronic pain, anxiety and even depression. 

Hot tubs can easily help you incorporate relaxation into your daily routine, whether you begin or end your day with a warm, quiet soak. By combining heat and massage, you’ll be able to release the tension in your body and will feel your shoulders begin to fall as your body eases into relaxation. 

Water also acts as a compression system, placing gentle pressure around your whole body as it’s submerged in the water. This gentle, warm hug promotes the release of endorphins that are responsible for the feelings of comfort and enjoyment. This is similar to the effects you would experience under a weighted blanket, only it’s been improved through the use of massage and heat. 

To take this even further, you can incorporate aromatherapy into your spa sessions by using hot tub-safe aromatherapy products. This will help your stress melt away and support your mental health. 

4. Improved Circulation

Many people struggle with their circulation, often saying their feet or hands are always cold. 

Hot tubs can help improve that, and not simply because the warm water will heat up your entire body. Spending time soaking in warm water helps expand your blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more easily throughout your body. 

Having better circulation helps oxygenate your body more efficiently while reducing the strain on your heart. This also helps open pathways for your blood to move through the body and target the muscles that need it most, helping your body treat and repair any damage more effectively. 

5. Burn More Calories

While it certainly won’t replace the need to eat better or incorporate exercise into your regular routine, hot tubs can help you burn extra calories. 

While you relax in the warm water, your body is heated, making your heart pump faster. This change in temperature makes your body work harder as it tries to bring your temperature back down to its regular resting point. This, in turn, burns calories, with some studies showing that one 60-minute hot tub session can burn the same amount of calories as a 30-minute walk.

Additionally, having the jets massage your muscles stimulates movement throughout your body, supporting your lymphatic system, which is responsible for moving toxins and fluid throughout the body. 

People who live a more sedentary lifestyle, such as office workers who spend most of their day sitting, can have a buildup of fluids and toxins in their bodies, causing pain and inflammation.

The lymphatic system can only be stimulated through movement, so when you spend time in a hot tub massaged by the jets, you can promote the movement of these fluids, burning calories and decreasing troublesome inflammation. 

6. Muscle Relaxation

Have you ever woken up with a sore neck, knowing your slept wrong and you’ll be paying for it over the next couple of days as you try to stretch out the muscles causing you pain? 

Including a hot tub in your regular self-care routine can help you avoid this scenario and give you a quick, easy treatment option when it does happen. There’ll be no need to call and book a massage appointment, hoping they’ll have something available that same day. You’ll be able to treat your pain and feel the tight muscles release right from your backyard. 

The warm water in a hot tub helps promote relaxation in muscles, while the jets can massage those hard-to-reach places, releasing tightness and giving your relief from tension. This can help you feel refreshed and support better posture because the tight muscles will no longer remain flexed throughout the day, pulling your body out of alignment. 

7. Improved Range Of Motion

This is an aftereffect of muscle relaxation. As your muscles release, you’ll notice that they can move more easily. This is also supported by the buoyancy of the water. Sitting under water helps remove the pressure off your body, allowing your joints to relax and move more freely. 

By including gentle stretching in your hot tub sessions, you’ll be able to increase your range of motion both in and out of the water. This will help you minimize pain and inflammation long-term and reduce the risk of injury.

8. Faster Recovery Time

Regularly enjoying time in a hot tub can help your body recover from strain and injuries more quickly. This is because of the powerful benefits of hydrotherapy explained above and because you’ll provide your body with a way to regularly remove the pressure it’s under. 

This is especially helpful for those who have strenuous jobs or train in the gym regularly. The weightlessness your body experiences while underwater will allow all pressure to be removed from your joints.

This will give you relief from the compression it experiences throughout the day while also promoting blood flow to heal any damage before it becomes a lasting problem.

Hot tubs also offer a way to gently exercise your muscles following an injury. The water will help remove the impact on your joints and will help your body move better as you try to rehabilitate the injured muscle.

Water provides a natural resistance while giving your body extra support as you move through your exercises, protecting and strengthening your body throughout the session. 

Hot Tubs Are Good For You

Hot tubs can increase your quality of life, combat pain, promote relaxation, and give you an escape from the busyness of your daily life.

With almost 50 years of serving Charlotte, NC, our friendly team of professionals have the expertise to help you discover a hot tub that will meet your needs.

If you’re ready to invest in your health, contact us today, or visit your local Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Charlotte showroom to explore your new hot tub

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