Best Infrared Sauna Benefits – 6 Perks for Body & Mind

Are you on a health and wellness journey and considering investing in a home sauna?

With the many infrared sauna benefits, it’s no surprise they’ve become a coveted addition to homes nationwide.

Saunas have a long history and are a prominent aspect of many cultures, and they’ve been the center of many studies to explore the various benefits they provide.

Are you curious how the modern infrared sauna can help improve your health and overall well-being?

Read on, because we’re exploring everything you need to know! From what makes infrared models stand apart from traditional steam saunas to the six infrared sauna benefits and your complete guide to maximizing results!

What’s The Difference Between Infrared Saunas and Steam Saunas?

One of the most popular questions we get asked is what the difference is between steam saunas and infrared saunas, apart from glowing red lights.

The answer to this comes down to two elements: how they work, and the temperature and type of heat they provide.


Traditional steam saunas use water poured over hot rocks to send steam drifting into the air. This warms the air around you, in turn heating your body.

Infrared saunas, however, use infrared light that penetrates your skin to heat your body directly.

Temperature and Heat

Due to their different processes, steam saunas and infrared saunas offer two very different experiences.

Because steam saunas have to heat the air around you before they can warm your body, they need to maintain a higher temperature, typically between 160℉ and 180℉.

Furthermore, due to the moisture they fill the room with, steam saunas provide a much more humid environment, which quickly results in sweating.

With infrared saunas specifically targeting your body, they are able to maintain a lower temperature and provide a dry heat that many people find more comfortable.

Typically, infrared saunas maintain a temperature between 120℉ and 140℉.

infrared sauna benefits - Jacuzzi Sauna with glowing yellow lights

Top 6 Infrared Sauna Benefits

Now that you know the basics of how infrared saunas work, it’s time to explore the benefits they provide.

Infrared sauna benefits come in two distinct forms: physical benefits and mental and emotional benefits.

Physical Benefits

  • Improved Circulation

As your body temperature rises, your blood vessels will naturally expand. This allows your blood to move through your body more easily, supporting your circulatory system during and after each session.

  • Combats Muscle Pain and Stiffness

This change in your circulation allows oxygen rich blood to better reach the muscles throughout your body. If you’re enjoying a sauna session after a workout, this helps support the repair of the micro-tears you experience as you exercise.

Furthermore, the warmth can help relieve tension, allowing your muscles to relax to reduce any post-workout stiffness.

To put this into overdrive, do some light stretching as you enjoy your sweat session!

  • Better Skin Health

Many people have claimed their skin looks and feels better after several sessions in their infrared saunas.

Sweating can help your skin flush impurities out of your pores, while the increased circulation has been closely linked to improved oxygenation of your skin, leading to healthier-looking skin.

With that said, it’s important to cleanse your face following a sauna session to wash away the remnants of the sweat and reduce any discomfort it may cause.

This is especially important for those with sensitive skin.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being Benefits

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief

Alongside the physical benefits you’ll experience, you may notice some changes to your emotional and mental well-being while enjoying your sauna.

One of the most prominent emotional benefits is the overall relaxation you’ll experience as you bask in the cozy warmth.

This relaxation can help reduce stress, supporting the calming of your mind as your body begins loosening from the heat.

You may be surprised how quickly your shoulders begin to drop and your breathing steadies as your body begins warming.

  • Improved Sleep

While this technically could be listed as a physical benefit, the quality of your sleep has a significant impact on your mental health and emotional well-being.

Your body temperature plays a key role in your sleep cycle. Have you ever noticed that you get cold when you begin getting tired, and run hot in the morning?

This is part of your body’s process of regulating your sleep cycle. As you relax in the sauna, your temperature begins to rise.

Once you’ve finished your session, and your temperature begins to drop, it signals your body that it’s time for rest.

This process can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

  • Boosts Your Mood

One of the most coveted benefits of infrared sauna use is the impact it can have on your mood.

The warmth from the heat can help you feel comfortable and content, which can have a positive impact on your mood, inducing a sense of calm.

This calmness can help you feel happier and more content after enjoying your sweat session.

Furthermore, surrounding yourself with heat can support the release of endorphins, the “feel good” hormone, resulting in a boost in your mood.

infrared sauna benefits - woman drinking water in an infrared sauna

Safety Tips and Best Practices To Maximize Your Infrared Sauna Benefits

While these infrared sauna benefits certainly sound appealing, they can only be experienced if you’re using your sauna safely.

To make each session as beneficial as possible, follow these tips.

Remove All Jewelry

Before stepping into the warmth of your sauna, take off all your jewelry, including your smartwatch.

The high temperatures of your sauna can result in jewelry getting hot and risking it burning your skin.

Most watches, smart rings, or any other type of wearable technology, aren’t meant to be exposed to high temperatures, and should never be worn in a sauna.

Avoid Tight Clothing

While stepping into an infrared sauna before your workout may be the perfect way to warm up, if you’re sitting down to spend more than a minute or two in the heat, you’ll want to ensure you wear loose clothing.

As you sweat, you’ll want your skin to be able to breathe. Wearing light clothing or a towel will allow that to happen.

Stay Hydrated Before, During, and After

Hydration is key when it comes to your sweat sessions.

Before you head into your sauna, you’ll want to consider how much water you’ve drunk that day. As you sweat, your body loses water, which can lead to dehydration if you’re not careful.

To ensure you don’t become dehydrated, drink plenty of water before your session and spend time rehydrating afterward with cold water or juice.

If you start feeling dizzy or light-headed at any time during your session, leave the sauna, sit in a cool location, and sip on some cold water.

Start Slow

If you’re just beginning to introduce heat therapy into your routine, you’ll want to start slow.

While it may be tempting to settle in for a nice long session your first time, your body isn’t used to experiencing such a high range of heat.

This can quickly spell trouble, leading to dehydration or even sending your body into shock.

To avoid any negative effects, we recommend starting low and slow.

One of the benefits of infrared saunas is how quickly they heat up, making them the perfect environment for beginners.

During your first few sessions, step into your sauna as it heats, letting your body temperature rise alongside the temperature of your sauna.

Enjoy the heat for five minutes, then head out, rehydrate, and cool down.

This will help acclimate your body to the new environment, and gradually prepare it for longer sessions at full heat.

Take Time to Cool Down Afterward

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: cooling down after your session is key to reaping the full range of benefits your sauna offers.

Any drastic changes to your body temperature need to be balanced out afterward, allowing your body to regulate its temperature.

Giving yourself time to rest and recover after each session will help you feel the best and avoid dehydration or over-exertion.

Create a cozy space to relax after your sessions, near your sauna. After each session, settle into your cooldown spot, drink some water, and just relax as your body temperature returns to normal.

Finish With a Cool Shower

To wrap up your sessions, you’ll want to shower and get all that sweat off your skin!

Dried sweat can lead to irritation or acne, not to mention showering after sweating is just good hygiene.

Start with a warm shower and slowly adjust the water to a cool stream. Not only will this help wash away any lingering sweat, but it’ll also help support your cool-down routine.

Infrared Saunas FAQs

Are infrared saunas good for you?

Infrared saunas can boast a range of benefits when used properly. Heat therapy has been closely linked with improved muscle recovery, better circulation, and reduced pain and stiffness.

Is working out in an infrared sauna healthy?

Working out in a sauna can quickly become dangerous due to the extreme temperatures. Unlike activities like hot yoga, saunas reach higher temperatures than these studios, making it risky to workout in them at full temperature. We recommend avoiding any strenuous activity while in your sauna to reduce the risk of overexertion or dehydration.

How long can I stay in an infrared sauna?

How long you can stay in your infrared sauna will depend on your level of experience. While someone who’s only just starting out should only enjoy their sauna for five minutes, more experienced users may find a 30 minute session to be more beneficial for them.

No matter your skill level, staying hydrated is key to extending the time you’re staying in the heat.

Infrared Saunas For Sale in Charlotte, NC

Infrared saunas have plenty to offer, whether you’re enjoying one at your local fitness center or are taking the plunge and investing in one for your home.

Home saunas have become popular for good reason. Not only do they provide a level of privacy no other environment can offer, but you’ll have complete control of your experience every time.

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With its full glass door and gentle glow, this sauna will become a captivating piece of your home you’ll love escaping to.

Our other model is the self-care enthusiast’s paradise. The Sanctuary 1 Infrared Sauna boasts an ultra-compact design, making it perfect for nearly any space.

Its angular front gives it a unique appeal, while the single-person bench will welcome you in for a quiet moment of self-reflection as you give back to yourself after a long day.

Whatever your sweat style, we’ve got the infrared sauna for you.

Let’s turn up the heat on your wellness routine – visit us today at our Matthews, NC showroom and discover the infrared sauna benefits for yourself!

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