10 Best Pool Table Accessories to Get the Most Out of Your Table

Designing an exciting game room with eye-catching decor can elevate your home and make hosting your holiday parties this year more exciting than ever.

With the right pool table accessories, you can create an awe-inducing room that amps up the excitement as soon as you open the door.

Whether you’re hosting a family get-together and teaching the kids how to shoot pool or are challenging your friends to a weekend-long tournament, including some of these pool table accessories can elevate your gameplay.

10 Must-Have Pool Table Accessories To Elevate Your Game Room

To enjoy a game of pool, all you really need is a cue, some chalk, your table, and a perfectly racked set of pool balls, but what if you want more?

Where do you store your cues after your game?

Do you just keep your balls racked on the table, waiting for the next challenge?

If you’re searching for a way to amp up your game room without over cluttering your space, you’ve come to the right place.

To make your next pool game more exciting and turn your game room into a dream space, these ten pool table accessories are a must!

1. A Wall Rack

If you’ve been on the lookout for a unique way to store your cues while showing them off, a wall rack is for you.

These racks can come in many forms, with each one offering its own unique set of benefits that are sure to make an impact on everyone who walks into your room.

The most basic of these racks is a simple design to hold your cues, making storage easy while using your cues as a statement piece hung up on your wall.

To elevate your rack even further, consider investing in one that includes a hidden dart board in the middle. These racks offer beauty and functionality, creating a secondary tournament game to challenge your friends and family with.

This type of rack can come with an exposed side to show off your cues or include closed-off doors to keep your cues out of sight and neatly stored away.

The most bold rack design is one that includes a storage section for your pool balls. These racks add a bright pop of color to your walls as your billiard balls become a unique decor element anytime they’re neatly stored away on the shelf alongside your cues.

These racks offer a great way to keep all your main pool table accessories together while ensuring your game room always stays tidy.

2. A Magic Rack

These racks are a unique tool that’s perfect for you if you like to switch up your games between snooker, billiards, and classic pool.

With its intuitive design, this rack adjusts flawlessly to the number of balls it’s pulling into the perfect triangle, ready for the snap of the break to dart across the table for the perfect spread.

These racks are sleek and compact, making them easy to store or even bring along when you and your friends hit the pool halls for an exciting night out.

3. A Break Cue

If you’re looking for the perfect way to create a picture-perfect spread to play off, a break cue is a must.

These cues are more heavy set than your traditional playing cues. This allows you to connect better with your cue ball, giving it a stronger push forward for that satisfying crack to send your racked balls flying.

If you’re helping your kids practice their break, these cues are a great addition, making it easier for them to get a quality break each time, boosting their confidence and skill with every hit.

4. A Retractable Pool Bridge

This is another great pool table accessory if you spend quality time playing rounds of pool with your kids.

The retractable design makes it easy to extend it to the perfect length for kids of any age and will help them learn how to support their cue to make tricky shots. This is especially helpful for kids who have smaller arms.

Better yet, including a retractable pool bridge that all your kids can use will help protect your pool table from scuffs or general wear and tear from beginners. Using a bridge can help better support their cue and minimize the risk of them nicking the table felt.

These pool bridges are even a great addition to your average game with your friends. They make it easier to take on challenging shots confidently, discovering the perfect angle to hit the ball to successfully make that trick shot.

5. Billiard Gloves

Take your pool tournaments seriously and want to avoid the stress of sweaty hands ruining your winning shot? Billiard gloves are a great way to combat that!

These gloves offer maximum breathability while giving you a firm grasp on your cue every time you line up your shot. Keep a few of these in your game room, and your friends will love the additional control they’ll get over their cues.

6. Pocket Reducers

If you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself during your next game, a pocket reducer may be the answer.

These handy little items help make sinking your ball into that corner pocket even harder by minimizing the amount of space you have to work with. This means you have to have impressive accuracy to make every shot.

These reducers are a great way to train for your next tournament or to simply help you improve your game for the next time your pool-shark friend challenges you to a match.

7. Training Balls

Looking for another way to help improve your accuracy or help your kids work on their aim?

Training balls often have various spots across their surface to help guide your cue into the perfect area of the cue ball, giving you a better idea of where you can hit the ball to give it the spin you need.

These balls offer a great way to learn the various ways you can hit a ball, helping you perfect your aim and discover other ways to give your cue ball the perfect spin to make that challenging shot with deadly accuracy.

8. Retractable Chalk Holder

Always struggling to find your chalk after setting it down? You’re not alone. This is a common problem, especially when chalk is being shared among players throughout the game.

With such small squares being left to rest on edges, it’s easy for them to be knocked around, getting lost, and forcing you to keep extra blocks stored away at all times.

Including a retractable chalk holder can help you keep your chalk by your side throughout every game, making it easy to access and reliable to find. Simply attach your chalk to the holder, hook it to your belt loop, and you’re good to go!

9. Table Covers

If you want to ensure your table lasts you as long as possible, adding a pool table cover to your arsenal of items can help you accomplish that.

These covers help protect your felt from dust buildup anytime you’re not using it. This will help minimize how often you need to clean your felt, while also ensuring your table stays fresh anytime you go long periods without a game, like when you’re on vacation.

These covers come in two standard styles:

  • Draped
  • Fitted

Which one you choose will be a personal preference. Fitted covers offer more protection for the entire table, wrapping around the corners and protecting the sides of the pockets, while drape covers rest on top and offer minimal coverage along the sides of your table.

10. Bold Hanging Lights

Nothing ruins a game of pool faster than poor lighting. Tricky shots require pristine visualization, and without hanging lights above your pool table, you’ll struggle to get a clear visual of where your ball needs to go.

These lights help eliminate shadows as you circle the table, searching for the perfect angle to sink the eight ball, and help ensure you can easily see every inch of your table every second of the game.

With various styles, these lights can become a beacon of style, attracting the attention of everyone in the room. Invest in classic Edison bulbs for a timeless look, or opt for exposed tops to amp up the brightness and add a bold element to your space.

Pool Tables for Sale in Charlotte, NC

If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to elevate your game room this season or want to bring an element of fun into your home for your kids, investing in a pool table can be a great way to achieve that.

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