Signs your Hot Tub Needs Service and Repair

There has never been a better time to own a hot tub. Modern spas are equipped with some of the most durable components, crafted with high-quality materials and built using an arguably flawless design.

Not only are these top-tier hot tubs, such as the units from the Jacuzzi brand, built to last, but they’re also made with your health and wellness in mind. While these systems are engineered to perform flawlessly for many years to come, they may require service and even repair from time to time.

In this article, we’re going to pinpoint exactly what you should be looking out for when it comes to hot tub maintenance.

Signs Your Hot Tub Has a Mechanical Issue

While spotting problems may seem difficult, a sure way to tell that something has gone wrong is by using your ears. If your hot tub makes strange sounds, it could be an indication that there is an issue with your spa’s circulation system.

The most common sound to hear when a pump is damaged is either a clicking sound or an abnormally loud sound coming from the pump.

A loud sound coming from the pump area could mean that its motor is struggling to pump water and needs to be repaired. In most cases, a pump struggles to move water when the filter is clogged. However, it could also make these sounds because it’s damaged.

Either way, we most definitely recommend that you have a spa service technician inspect and troubleshoot the trouble area. Contact the hot tub service department at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Charlotte today for assistance.

Hot Tub Temperature Issues

Another common issue with hot tubs is abnormal temperature fluctuations. Abnormal temperature fluctuations could be a sign of a couple of different issues.

One reason your tub could have problems with maintaining a steady temperature is that the water heater requires repair or service. It’s important to avoid using your tub when its temperature can’t stabilize.

Using your hot tub with a malfunctioning heater could cause more damage to the heater or pose a safety concern. Temperature fluctuations can also be a result of circulation problems or an electrical error.

Here are four things you can do to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Browse Our Online Hot Tub Owner Resources
  2. Take a Look at Our Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Read the Articles in Our Blog
  4. Request Professional Hot Tub Service in Charlotte, NC

Filtration Issues

Is the water in your hot tub dirty, cool or emitting a strange odor? Are there particles and debris floating around in the water that just won’t clear? These may be clear signs that there is an issue with the filtration or circulation system within your hot tub.

Here is what we suggest doing:

  1. Take out the filter and allow it to soak in a bucket of filter cleaner diluted with water. Then, give it a good clean using your hose or filter flosser. If your filter is older than six months, you may want to replace it altogether.
  2. Test the water using a water testing kit and test strips. Once you have an idea of the water chemistry and any imbalances, you can treat the water accordingly with water care products.
  3. Wait a day or two and see if the water quality improves. Do not use your hot tub during this time.
  4. If the water quality does not improve, try changing the water and cleaning the interior of the hot tub. Refill the water, treat it accordingly, and allow it to run for another day or two. Monitor the water frequently and use test strips to track the chemistry.
  5. If the water is still dirty, odorous or won’t heat, we suggest scheduling a hot tub service appointment.

Advanced Hot Tub Water Filtration Technology

Standard on all new acrylic Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, the CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ system harnesses the unique combination of ozone and UV-C light, creating advanced oxidation.

This natural process releases active oxygen, reducing chemical and chlorine dependency. Along with five stages of water management, you can enjoy spa water that is clean and sparkling.

Hot Tub Maintenance in Charlotte

Is your hot tub showing signs of damage or making strange sounds? It’s time to contact Jacuzzi Hot tubs of Charlotte. We have a highly specialized team of hot tub technicians that would love to help you get back the full function of your spa.

If you’re interested in learning about how to keep your tub in tip-top shape, please take a look at our blog. We have the information you need to keep your hot tub running at peak performance.

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