The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space

After a long year of being secluded to our homes, many of us are looking for an oasis of sorts… Somewhere to relax, reduce stress, and just enjoy each other’s company. 

The good news – you don’t have to travel thousands of miles and spend an exorbitant amount on one time airfare in order to obtain serenity. 

By creating a gorgeous and well thought out awe-inspiring backyard, you’re allowed to step just outside your home, and take in all the wonders of nature. Now, with the help of modern luxuries, we make the experience all the more pleasurable.

Installing a hot tub, swim spa or swimming pool can add a variety of qualities to your life in the following ways:

  • Additional space to spend time with family and friends
  • Enjoying spending more time outside 
  • Regularly partake in self care
  • Boost the monetary and aesthetic value of your home

We’re breaking down a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create the outdoor space that many homeowners only dream of. 

Research and Planning

Diligent research and logistics are necessary in order to achieve your one-of-a-kind backyard. With many different options available, you’ll want to choose the best products for your specific yard, as each property is special.

Whether your backyard is urban, expansive, or a small balcony or deck, there’re many different options available. You’ll want to consider the best layout for your space, furniture arrangements that make sense, along with access to necessary power outlets.

The Small Balcony

This little piece of heaven, extending from your home, should feel cozy and comfortable. The challenge is limited room in this scaled-down space. Searching for small tables, chairs, and compact furniture is key.

At Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Charlotte, we have many Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs available that meet tight measurement restrictions so as to add a layer of sophistication and top-notch relaxation for these petite spaces. 

The Patio

This clearing offers a lovely setting to gather outdoors with lots of lawn space. Many patios provide an enclave for both visiting and the solitude of relaxation. You’ll want to create a multipurpose layout that’s truly an extension of the yard. 

A Jacuzzi® Swim Spa is the perfect addition to this outdoor piece of your home. It provides room for swim activities while fitting charmingly into the parameters of this space. 

The Deck

Decks tend to be an extension of the kitchen while meeting other needs, such as a dining room or a soak up the sunspot. Decks vary in scope. They can be large or small depending on the size of the lot. While sticking to lighter and smaller furniture, a hot tub could be the finishing touch to this space.

They can provide health benefits such as improved sleep, full-body detoxification, and boosted immunity. You can’t go wrong with this little slice of heaven on your back deck.

Townhouse Backyard

A narrow lot that you want to lay out in a way that sets you apart from your neighbors. Although these spaces are narrow, there’s a great potential for creativity and appeal. Since these zones are generally more open, larger furnishings are acceptable. 

Depending on what the townhome association allows, a hot tub and swim spa are both lovely options for this special place. Both offer natural privacy in a crowded townhome community, and the opportunity to escape to a romantic backyard getaway with your partner. Make it personalized with cool weatherproof string lights to add ambiance.

Open-Concept Backyard

This type of backyard provides for lounging, easy conversation, and outdoor dining without feeling claustrophobic. This expanse should be ergonomic and highly functional for lounging and eating.

In this space, you can certainly go big and install a swimming pool or all season pool. Not every property has the yardage for this type of fun, so take advantage of the available spaciousness and go all out.

With strength and durability in mind, investing in an all season pool or swimming pool is truly a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Endless hours of fun water sports for the family and making connections are sure to be had.

Explore the Different Options Available to You

Now that you’ve identified the type of yard you have and done some initial research and planning for the type of products that would work best in those spaces, you’ll want to explore which different options truly meet your needs. 

By shopping for backyard leisure products from our experts at Jacuzzi Tubs of Charlotte – every day is sure to be a staycation. We offer top-notch, sustainable swimming pools, swim spas, and hot tubs. So what’s the difference between each of these? Inquiring minds ask and we answer. 

Swimming Pools – each pool is special and unique to your backyard. In order to build the pool of your dreams you simply provide us with measurements, preferred filter type, pool liner preference, ladder, package specifics, and any additional options you may be interested in. With this information, we’re able to build you the pool of your dreams.

Swim Spas – swim spas offer an exclusive level of relaxation, with the ability to still be utilized as a traditional swimming pool. Whether you’re training for a swim competition or looking for serenity, our swim spas for sale combine the best aquatic technology with therapeutic hydromassage jets and help you to engage in low-impact exercise with powerful swim jets. After your exercise, receive a massage that truly works wonders on avoiding sore muscles. These multifaceted all season pools are truly a wonder. 

Hot Tubs – our hot tubs provide the optimal water massage. In fact, Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are engineered to create the perfect mix of air and water along with thoughtful placement of the jets. Every hot tub we design is engineered for first-class relaxation and recuperation from long days. Check out popular models like the  J-435™, Mood™ and the J-225™.

Benefits, Brands, and Pricing

Owning these luxurious water products can certainly change your life. Deciding which brand, and the price that works for your budget is a key aspect to achieving success. 

Soaking in a hot tub regularly is proven to help:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Ease muscle tension
  • Mitigate symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic pain and arthritis.

We offer five collections of hot tubs at various seating capacities and price ranges. 

Jacuzzi Play Collection and J-200 through J-500 Collections are offered at seating capacities from 2-3 up to 8-9. Price ranges vary based on features and accessories, along with size and capacity. 

For swimming pools, we offer above-ground Carvin Swimming Pools. With varying options in design on both models, we offer the following specifications on our Carvin pools. Pricing is dependent on the accessories selected. 

52” White Wood Carvin Pool

Engineered by Canadian architects, the quality of this pool is unparalleled. The resign design provides the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Sizes are available from 12 to 30 feet round. 


  • Durable legs
  • Steel walls
  • Maintenance free resin frame

52” Downtown Carvin Pool

Also engineered by Canadian architects, this product is robust while displaying a unique design that’ll make your backyard stand out from your neighbors. Available sizes 15 to 30 feet round. 


  • Starjet option
  • Salt friendly construction
  • Oversized uprights and ledges

Swim spas pack a powerful punch by being multifaceted to satisfy many needs. They’re enjoyable year-round thanks to the dual-temperature technology that allows you to make the water as warm or cool as you desire. Both exercise and leisure are possible, leaving you without having to choose between one or the other. Swim a few laps and take flight in a full-body workout, or enjoy a much needed hydrotherapy treatment. 

Because swim spas offer so many options, they reduce your costs by meeting and exceeding all your needs with one product. We offer a wide range of Jacuzzi® Swim Spas for sale, including the following models:

All models hold a seating capacity for four to five adults and an overall capacity for up to 10. Connect with an expert who will assist you in selecting the perfect model for your budget. 

Meet with Experts

Always do your own research – educating yourself is a wonderful way to ensure you’re making the most informed decision possible. However, meeting with experts in the field will provide you with the next step needed in getting that paradise of a backyard you’ve always wanted. 

Assemble your dream team of professionals, like landscapers, construction teams, and a dealership that carries the products needed, such as Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Charlotte. We carry hot tubs, pools, swim spas, and patio furniture. Everything that’s needed to bring your space to life. 

Once a firm plan is in place, these experts can help you bring your vision to fruition. They’ll guide you through each step of creating your backyard into a fantasy getaway from the hustle and bustle of life – right outside your home.

Unique Needs of Each Backyard

No two backyards are exactly alike. Lifestyles, homes, and living spaces are all different – requiring a tailored approach to creating an outdoor getaway. Join us as we break down various needs and lifestyles.

Young Professionals

Living the fast-paced life that young professionals lead, a suitable outdoor space that’s extraordinary for entertaining is essential.  And, it’s key to bear in mind that low–maintenance is vital. Our Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs can provide the perfect solution for this lifestyle. 

They offer a sense of peaceful well-being for you and your guests.

Busy Families with Small Children

Having small children can be an active time for families. Surely you want to maximize the fun your backyard can bring to this chapter of your life. Down the road, you’ll look back on memories you’ve created with your little ones for years to come. 

By installing a swimming pool and a hot tub, your children are sure to be entertained for hours. The exercise a swimming pool will deliver, along with the calmness a hot tub will bring, is a winning combination for fun for the whole family – in your incredible backyard.

Families with Teens

Teens just want to have fun! Well, don’t we all? Providing an area in your backyard that meets the expectations and desires of your teens in the domain of entertainment isn’t easy. The products we provide deliver maximum results for this picky segment of the population. 

Patio tables, BBQ grills, along with swimming pools, and hot tub combos are a guarantee to have all your teen’s friends wanting to come to your house for a good time. We provide everything that’s needed to give your teens a fun space to enjoy time with their friends at your home. 

Before you know it, your teens will be young adults and off on their own. Enjoy this time you have with them by creating an awesome outdoor space that makes them want to stay home, and actually have fun. Besides, there’s no better place than home, right?

Empty Nesters

Thus the empty-nester phase of life has begun. This time of your life is certainly still an exciting one.  Now you have more opportunity to rediscover yourself, your relationship with your partner, and take time to enjoy some things in life that you haven’t had time for until now. 

Your kids are raised and you’re ready for some much needed self-care. Our Jacuzzi® Swim Spas so many options – soak, swim or just play. With these swim spas, you can relax, exercise, or when your kids come home to visit – spend time with them in the spa.

Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process of finding the best swim spa for your backyard and lifestyle – so you can truly thrive in this next phase of life. 


This phase of life is truly one to be celebrated. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and all that you’ve worked for your entire life. Whether you’re looking for peace and tranquility or continuing to care for your body with exercise at this phase, both swim spas and hot tubs are lovely options for your hard-earned backyard.

Both swim spas and hot tubs are easily accessible and customizable for your specific needs. With swim spas, you can participate in aquatic exercises and follow up with a relaxing massage. Reconnect with your partner, or enjoy relaxing in solitude with these luxurious products. 

Shop for Pools and Spas at Jacuzzi Charlotte Today

Ready to take the dive into our pool and spa products? Visit our website today and we’ll connect you with an expert to guide you through this process.

In order to become the most educated consumer on this topic, we’ve included many resources on our website to educate you on the best products tailored for your needs. Here we provide brand information, owner’s manuals, and warranty information.

If you’re ready to find the best hot tub, pool, or swim spa for your dream backyard contact us today or come in and visit our showroom. Our showroom is fully–stocked and has a wide selection of hot tubs, swim spas, pools, and backyard accessories available for you to view. 

We’ll work with you within your budget, brainstorm exclusive ideas, and connect you with the best aquatic option for your remarkable backyard.

We guarantee that this investment isn’t just a monetary one, but an investment in the health and happiness of your family, and yourself. We look forward to serving you.

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