Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Spa Water Clean

Most hot tub owners will agree, there’s nothing quite like soaking in the luxurious spa water at the end of a long day. For effective and lasting hydrotherapy, it’s recommended that you soak in your outdoor hot tub for 15-30 minutes at least several times a week.

To ensure that you can happily soak in your spa on the regular, it’s so important that clean and safe water is maintained. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways you can go above and beyond for the maintenance of your outdoor hot tub.

1. Monitor Spa Water with the SmartTub™ System

Monitor and control your hot tub and spa water from afar with the SmartTub™ System. Easily connect your spa to a user-friendly app on your mobile device to get started. Once connected, you can monitor the operation of your hot tub from a remote location.

The app will let you know if your hot tub requires maintenance or has an upcoming service appointment. You can also access a variety of support, guides and resources from within the app to help you better use your hot tub.

2. Create a Schedule

If you have trouble tracking the cleaning and maintenance of your spa, you may want to consider creating a schedule. Use a calendar, your mobile device or an app to schedule your spa cleaning and maintenance around your lifestyle.

This will help you to remember what was done and when, not to mention plan for what needs to be completed in the future.

3. Use Professional Hot Tub Service

For those who live a busier lifestyle or could benefit from help from the experts, professional hot tub service may be useful. Speak with your local hot tub and pool supply store to learn more about the service solutions that they offer.

Not only will this leave you with more free time, but it will also provide a seasoned professional with the opportunity to inspect and clean your spa on the regular. They can keep an eye out for potential issues, saving you time and money in the future with a larger repair that could have been prevented.

4. Shower Before Use

An easy way to keep your hot tub clean and free of debris is by showering before use. Oil, dirt, soap, and other contaminants can be brought into the hot tub on your skin, hair and bathing suit.

These contaminants can put additional stress on the filters and even cause an imbalance in the water clarity. Before stepping into the hot tub, have all users have a quick shower in their bathing suit first.

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