5 Signs You Need Professional Hot Tub Repair

It’s always a disappointment when something goes wrong with your spa.

While some problems are easy fixes that you can do yourself, a hot tub expert should always handle the more complex issues.

Let’s examine the top five signs that your hot tub needs professional service.

5 Signs You Need Professional Hot Tub Repair

1. Funky Smell

Hot tubs always emit a bit of a chemical smell due to the cleaning products you use in the water, but the smell should never be unpleasant. If your water really doesn’t smell good, it means either the water is contaminated or it’s not circulating properly.

Another cause of foul odor could be a clogged filter, drain or pump. Rather than trying to guess what might be wrong and risk getting into contaminated water, call for a professional assessment. A technician will be able to diagnose and fix the problem for you.

2. Discolored Water

If you’re ready to jump into your spa only to discover the water has turned a slimy green or, even worse, black, it’s a sure sign something is amiss.

Green or murky water usually signifies an algae buildup or other kind of contamination that can be fixed by balancing your hot tub’s water.

If your water’s pH level is off, doing a routine chemical application should help, especially if you use an algaecide along with the usual balancing, bromine and shock chemicals.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, it could signify the erosion of your spa’s equipment. This can occur if the water is not maintained properly on a regular basis. If your spa has serious corrosion, you’ll need to call in a spa technician to deal with the problem.

3. Leaks

It can be difficult to gauge if your hot tub is leaking. Water does tend to splash when the jets run and when you enter and exit the tub.

However, if you notice your water level is diminishing without explanation, it’s likely you have a leak. No matter how tiny the crack, a leak is a big problem — and it can be very hard to find.

If you suspect your spa is leaking, call your local hot tub dealership to set up a hot tub repair as soon as possible. The longer you allow a leak to go without a repair, the more likely it is the crack will grow, leading to even more problems.

4. Temperature Inconsistent

Nothing is worse than stepping into your hot tub only to realize the water is tepid. If the water in your spa isn’t holding its temperature or, worse, isn’t heating at all, then it’s time to schedule a hot tub repair.

When your spa water isn’t heating properly it’s a clear indication the heater or control panel is on the fritz. This is a complex hot tub repair and should always be handled by an expert.

5. Jets Not Working

Whether your jets just aren’t as powerful as they used to be or they aren’t working at all, it’s a clear indication something has gone wrong with your hot tub.

If you’re experiencing minor problems, it could mean something as simple as your water level not being high enough for them to work properly or your spa’s bottom drain not being covered, allowing water to escape. It could also mean your jets are clogged, a slightly more serious problem, but still an easy repair.

If none of these simple fixes helps, it likely means there’s an issue either with the spa’s pump, its valves or its control panel. None of these are issues you should tackle yourself. A professional will ensure the problem is fixed properly to get your spa up and running again.

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