7 Top Indoor Game Tables – Add Fun & Excitement to Any Room

Your home is the ultimate escape from the world, and finding new ways to elevate your time indoors has never been more exciting.

We’re spending more time at home than ever before, and what better way to keep your loved ones engaged and enjoying quality time together than with the perfect indoor game tables?

With so many options available, it’ll be easy to find one that fits your lifestyle and provides endless fun for everyone you share it with.

From tables to keep the kids engaged to ones that’ll make your next game night with your friends even more exciting, there are options to easily fit all your needs.

Whether you’re beginning to plan your dream game room or want to level up your existing space, keep reading!

In this article, we will explore some of the best indoor game tables to bring your next game night to the next level and share some of the top options to keep your kids engaged for hours on end.

The Best Indoor Game Tables For Your Game Room

Indoor game tables come in many styles, and finding the perfect one begins with what you enjoy.

If you used to love going out with your friends to the pool halls on weekends, bring back those memories and transform your game room into the ultimate pool hall.

On the other hand, if you want to bring the challenge of foosball to your game nights, then a top-notch foosball table is the best way to go.

Ultimately, what works best for you will come down to your passions and lifestyle.

a shuffleboard indoor game table with a wooden table top

A Shuffleboard Table

If you want to add a unique game table to your room that your family and friends will love, a shuffleboard is the way to go!

This classic indoor game table is a stunning addition to any room and is sure to impress.

With the Scott®️ Abbey Shuffleboard, your game room can take on a whole new look. With its modern design and sleek tabletop, you’ll elevate your room while enjoying flawless gameplay each and every time.

With its impressive 12-foot length, this table provides the perfect challenge for players of all levels and easily creates the ultimate shuffleboard tournament experience

Better yet, this table was designed to ensure maximum playability for everyone, including four climatic adjusters, allowing you to easily adjust your table to reflect your space.

For a more family-friendly experience, the Atomic™️ Platinum Shuffleboard table is a great option.

This table has a 9-foot playing surface, making it the ideal option for teaching beginner players and kids alike.

Better yet, with its laminated cabinet, keeping your table clean will be a breeze.

a pool table with a red felt tabletop as an indoor game table

A Pool Table

If you want the ultimate classic addition to your game room, investing in a pool table is the way to go.

With so many options, finding one in your chosen aesthetic is easy, elevating your room to new heights and creating the perfect space to enjoy any day of the week.

Whether you prefer a calm one on one round with your partner or love challenging your friends to an intense weekend-long tournament, there’s a pool table for you.

For a classic style, the Triumph®️ Santa Fe will be a powerful addition to your game room.

This traditional pool table includes deep leather pockets and tiger-style legs, and with its grand design, it’s sure to leave its mark on any room.

Furthermore, this table is quick and simple to install, coming mostly pre-assembled. It even includes leg levels, ensuring it can easily be balanced even on uneven floors, guaranteeing a quality game every time.

For a kid-friendly option that boasts a modern design, the Mizerak®️ Dakota BRS is a great table to consider.

With its black laminate finish and metal frame rails, this pool table will not only be easy to wipe clean but also be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear your kids may put on it as they learn how to perfect their shots.

This table also includes an internal ball system, making reracking simple while adding to its updated style.

To take your room even further, pair your pool table with the right accessories to completely reimagine your space.

a black and green foosball indoor game table

Foosball Table

A nostalgic game for many is foosball, with people across the country having enjoyed challenging their friends in high school or college.

Including one in your game room can be the perfect way to re-live some of your favorite memories and invite your friends to join in the fun.

Foosball tables have been updated over the years, with the classic styles having been transformed into modern, flashy models that can create a stunning game room that’ll look like it’s part of an epic arcade.

To cultivate this style, the Atomic™️ Azure Foosball Table would be a great addition to your room.

With its blue LED legs, ball, and rails, this foosball table will throw a curveball into your next game night.

Turn down the lights and amp up the challenge by playing a round in the dark as the stunning lights of this table light up your room blue.

Want something more traditional to really bring those memories to life?

Then the Scott®️ Velocity Pro-Am Foosball Table is the way to go.

Not only does this table have a sleek traditional design, but it includes sports grip handles and high-density rubber bumpers, ensuring you never lose your grip and your table is protected no matter how intense a game gets.

This table is the ideal way to share your favorite pastime with your kids, teaching them how to play while you spend more quality time with them.

Indoor Game Tables for The Kids

While pool tables and foosball tables may appeal to some teens, there may be a better way to create a dream entertainment space to keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

Level up your rec room and recreate the timeless appeal of the arcade with these indoor game tables that will have kids of every age excited to play.

an air hockey indoor game table with colorful LED lighting on the railings

An Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is a classic game table found in arcades across the country, and no rec room is complete without one!

Bring hours of fun to your home with the Atomic™️ Top Shelf Hockey Table.

With its powerful 120V motor, you’ll get maximum airflow to create the ultimate gameplay as the puck easily glides across the rink.

Better yet, with its LED lights, you can truly make your rec room feel like a high-end arcade. Simply turn off the lights, and light up the table watching as the lights change color every time someone scores a goal!

Want to maximize your kid’s fun each time they power on this table?

With its included accessories, you can get a hexagonal LED spinner puck, making each hit more unpredictable than ever!

For something more low-key but equally as powerful, the Scott®️ Raptor Air Hockey Table will easily meet all your needs.

Between its 120V motor and touch-screen controls, your kids will get all the same excitement with a flawless play experience!

a Lakers NBA Game Time Pro indoor game table

The NBA Game Time Pro

If your kid is sports-obsessed, the NBA Game Time Pro is a great game table to keep them engaged and shooting hoops, even in the dead of winter.

With its LED lighting and slam-dunk sound effects, this game table will leave your kids in awe while they cheer each other on to beat the clock.

Better yet, the NBA Game Time Pro includes a moving hoop, keeping your kids challenged and providing the perfect way for them to perfect their aim each time they shoot their shot.

a blue and yellow Ice Ball Pro indoor game table

Ice Ball Pro

Welcome your kids into your childhood with the Ice Ball Pro. This table’s sleek, updated design will bring you back and create the perfect way for you to reconnect and spend quality time with your kids.

With various gameplay modes and synchronized LED light effects, your kids will enjoy hours of fun as they hone their skills and work toward beating each other’s scores.

a Super Chexxx Pro bubble hockey indoor game table

Super Chexx Pro

Do you have a hockey player in the house? Make playing a competitive hockey tournament more accessible than ever without needing to face the cold!

The Super Chexx Pro is the ultimate bubble hockey game table. With its LCD Jumbotron that brings the game to life with animated videos and live-action game calls, your kids will love inviting their friends over to challenge them.

The strong lexan dome is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of your kids, while the aluminum cabinet and plastic base make it easy to clean.

Indoor Game Tables in Charlotte, NC

Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to amplify your next game night with your friends or want to redesign your rec room for your kids, adding an indoor game table can be the perfect solution.

With so many options available, from classic pub games like pool and foosball to the ultimate arcade games you grew up with, like Ice Ball and air hockey, the choices are nearly endless.

At Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Charlotte, we’ve stocked some of the best indoor game tables on the market, and with our wide range of selections, finding your dream table is as simple as stepping through our showroom doors.

Visit our showroom to explore your options up close and personal, or contact us, and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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